NorthernGuy, September 8, Please enter a valid email. ClassicMovieFan, September 10, Remove the disc when the installation is finished, if applicable. Sadly, my files to copy over properly, but now I can not get to them. Final on the forth try I spoke with a tech support and they tried to format the Hard drive which removed all of the auto back up. Doesn’t play with iTunes, Frequent Crashes.

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I think this is an excellent value for the price.

Songs would stop and start again minutes later. Doesn’t play with iTunes, Frequent Crashes. The second time, the backup went through successfully.

How to Use a Toshiba External Hard Drive

Follow all on-screen prompts to install the driver for your external hard drive, whether it is internal or on a dgive. The drive runs very quietly and stays cool. I was able to store the files on the portable drive, but the playback was horribly slow in iTunes and Sony Media Gallery. Select your external hard drive from the list toshiba automatic backup portable drive locations to back up the files.

Type in a name for the backup file, such as “Backup” and the date, then click “Finish. Liv4hunting, September 23, If you want you can partition part of the drive and save backups there and use the other for the normal move over stuff I actually deleted the automatic backup because it was actually slower toshiba automatic backup portable drive recorded more than what I needed.

Toshiba Automatic Backup Portable Hard Drive Specs – CNET

Remove the disc when the installation is finished, if applicable. Unfortunately toshiba automatic backup portable drive computer doesn’t have USB 3. I called the supplied tech support number and after four tries final talked to a tech support person and before the issue ttoshiba be resolved I was disconnected. I found this device toshiba automatic backup portable drive to work as advertised and the support to be very lacking and minimal at best I am returning this product today to Wal-Mart glad I kept the receipt I will never purchase another Toshiba product again.

The first time I attempted to drlve this, the drive crashed in the middle of the backup. You can use your external hard drive to back up all of your photos, documents and other files in case of computer failure, or you can store specific files on your drive, such as movie files, that are too large for your built-in storage capacity.

Works fine so far! Click on any folder or file you want to store on the drive and drag it over to the window representing your external hard drive. I plugged it in and the computer recognized it quickly.

I plan on using the drive, but I can’t recommend it because of the crashes. Connect your external hard toshiba automatic backup portable drive to your computer using a USB cable, generally provided with the hard portabke. Select “Backup,” “Back up your computer” which may be under “System and Security” or “Backup and Restore,” depending on your version of Windows.

Great Price for a lot of storage.

Erive models will have the driver stored on the hard drive itself. It is not necessary to load this software for the drive to operate.

At least they are not sensitive files! One nice thing I can say about this portable hard drive is that it didn’t lose any of my files. Sadly, my files to copy over properly, but now I can backyp get to them. Share Share on Facebook.

Portable USB Hard Drives support

Keep your family productive, connected, entertained, and safe. This item is no longer available. Works great on USB 2 and 3. Patrick, August 24,