Yes I have WiFi in my modem. Type ipconfig and press enter 4. Type ipconfig on command prompt and check the default gateway address. Hi Beo, Please go through the instructions provided in the link below. Tick Obtain an IP address automatically then click next step

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How to use my BSNL TERACOM modem as a WiFi Router – Quora

Make sure there is no MAC address filtering is enabled in wireless network. Tick Always on and click next step Parandur B Krishnaswamy omdem. However, some glitch has occurred in the wireless settings with the result teracom adsl modem I am not able to access internet on my smart phone.

And I don’t know what to do. Tosh, Can you tell me the exact configuration details provided by your private ISP?

ADSL2+ Modem Download

Dear frnds ita very teracom adsl modem 2 config bsnl 2 airtel. Is still the issue persists, you should contact BSNL customer care. If you forgot the user name and password for your BSNL modem, I recommend you to follow the steps below.

Add pvc name Airtel vpi 1 vci 32 service asdl Teracom adsl modem what is the difference between type 1 modem and type 2 modem supplied by BSNL? If you reset the modem to its factory default, you need to reconfigure it get Internet access. In manual configuration, we should login to the Teracom modem by teracom adsl modem the modem username and Password Teracom username and password is not the same BSNL Internet account username and password.

Can u suggest anything else for this problem. Can you please provide me with the necessary steps to configure this modem with my airtel connection. After all how can Teracom adsl modem configure multiple computers in this modem.

DSL Broadband Modem Configuration : Teracom T2-B-Gawv1.4U10Y-BI

If the WiFi is configured, you can connect your tab to the network directly using the WiFi key, you have teracom adsl modem. That was a nice modem configuration. I think teracom modem is good one from BSNL.

No Select Security Option: Which had a open wifi network I connect to use the Internet. How many types modem supplied by BSNL?

Could you please explain what you exactly mean by the following query. Do you have CD or disk for it? Hi Teracom adsl modem, Please try the steps in the link below. Tick enable Select Country: Have you properly reset the modem? Can I use same steps to configure it?

Are you sure you are connecting the correct Wireless network with correct password 3. Hi George, I followed the above mentioned steps, but I am getting an Error Also try hard reset by following the ,odem below. teracom adsl modem

Airtel Broadband User Name: Trish, Power off the modem for 2 minutes and power it back. To activate WiFi, go through teracom adsl modem instructions provided in the link below. I wanted to get on to the config.