Mind you– and this does matter– I’m still on a 4: I ask if it is possible to install the split files into external hdd. Irisman is more like uLaunchELF on ps2 with good on-screen button listings, and I can speed through it. Hi there Congratulations Deank for a most beautiful product 4. Last edited by SG , Nov 26, Pointless to you and not to others , and still you didnt ‘t comprehend what i said. Last edited by Hking , Nov 28,

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Thanks for any pointers you can send my way!

I have the usb cfg file in place and everything i’ve read doesn’t mention any other steps. I have 2 game on external HD one is tomb raider that I’ve copy from my original Game and the other is Assassin’s creed 2 that I’ve download from internet beacause my original BR is broken. I’m gonna search around for that because that’d be super useful. Do you already have an account? No not at all. I can see open PS3 emulation cropping up any day now I was able to browse my NTFS flash drive successfully.

No, create an account now.

Still don’t know why this isn’t working – I tried to access the drive without a USB. This normally solves it. I ask because I want this to be a painlessly easy tutorial to follow. Separate names with a comma.


Loved Rebug for over 6 years. Memory card on PSX games don’t show up. CymraegAce and Cyan like this. I’m not sure how much difference that makes but, it’s definitely a difference. I ask if it is possible to install the split files into external hdd. I’d recommend checking what drive you used. There’s a small piece I forgot to mention that actually matters– you always wanna use the “USB port closest to your disc-drive.

After that your games will be listed and ready to play in multiman.

Multiman – Split files to External? Hiya I’m afraid it doesn’t.

I’ll be sure to look deeper before I take on new posts. Embed this content in your HTML.

Problem with Multiman and NTFS drive : ps3homebrew

I have a problem with my NTFS drive. Irisman has always been pretty intuitive and compatible for me to access ntfs drives. Buy a new Console ID! Thanks for the compliment, I’m confused though- did you mean that in the tutorial it isn’t clear? I’m not multimxn sure what the means for us though, as far as getting our drives to be recognized? I’m going to find out right now brb. Tried my best to update patched firmware CFW 4. Some month ago when I was with 3.

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