Your opinion is valuable. Note that this is the maximum opening angle. Cons Battery extends in almost every direction, quite heavy. Apart from these two points, the netbook is very nice. The Toshiba mini NBN The angle is very close to what you get with ordinary keyboards without the little stubs extended , so the usability is ok.

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I managed lg x130 netbook get it running with ubuntu 9. It’s quite a good netbok I haven’t used any other so I can’t compare, but I can give lg x130 netbook fairly good review nonetheless. Toshiba NB Blue Netbook. One of the netbooks that I was purchased lg x130 netbook the Eee The biggest plus being the nifty size. HP Mini netbook The netbook is fairly small, even by netbook standards, and although I do not think it is a big deal, I do think that it would be much better if it was bigger, not to much bigger but a little bit more size to it would have been nice.

LG X netbook gets 12hr 9-cell battery – SlashGear

Cons Battery extends in almost every direction, quite heavy. Keyboard layout is more or less standard. Ads with Photo Ads with Photo. No out-of-the-box drivers for lg x130 netbook wireless under Linux right now.

The ad creator is solely responsible for the content, correctness, accuracy and legal obligation of all posted ads, entries, ideas and information. Samsung n Netbook Having owned the Samsung n netbook for almost a year now, I feel it is time to review this neat netbbook compact little piece of machine. What is the Cost of Opening a Store? And to put this out first: I was very disapointed and lg x130 netbook for its performance. The site is not responsible lg x130 netbook the mistakes made.

LG X130 netbook gets 12hr 9-cell battery

The 10 inch screen is bright and vivid and highly adjustable to suit light conditions although in bright sunlight its virtually unusable, much like every other LCD screen out there regardless of manufacturer.

My Favorite Searches Do you want to be notified when new ads are x30 lg x130 netbook the above list? It has a well-made feel. Secondhand and New Lg x130 netbook.

I just told her that lg x130 netbook could bring home anything. ReviewStream lg x130 netbook consumers real experience. It is sturdily built, the design is acceptable although not really that cool, IMHO.

Show 20 50 results on each page. Posted by at I have the white one, which consists of a clean white body and a dull red trim around it.

LG X130 Laptop Windows XP, Windows 7 Drivers, Software

For proper usage of sahibinden. Asus ha netbook The ha is the new asus netbook, it has a great seashell design and is very lg x130 netbook, it is really slim but it easily drags many fingerprints. The keyboard layout is ok, at least they have put the Control key right in the corner. Apple iTunes works on my X, but just barely. HP Mini Netbook. If you are in the market for a netbookthis is the one to go lg x130 netbook based on specs and pricing.

Marginally Interesting: LG X Mini-Review

The angle is very close to what you get netbbook ordinary keyboards without the little stubs extendedso the usability is ok. You are now viewing page 1 of 3. Join millions of users of sahibinden mobile app!

The tilt of the keyboard is comparable to a normal keyboard. It is one of the more recent machines which tried to breach the increasing tablet-focused days.