Our three objectives are: MiniMag Mx2 20 Invis Mx2 connector sets with 14 mm stud Rasto drill jig with 12 mm drill bit, depth adjuster, bushing Screw bit Flexible shaft Insertion jig. Completely invisible The magnet-driven connector Invis Mx2 allows for completely invisible, detachable joints. You make life easier: Invis Mx2 30 mm stud, 20 pcs.

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Swiss Invis | Invisible Detachable Joining

Invis Mx2 insertion jig for studs 14 mm. Invis Mx2 screw bit, 1 pcs. Spring shaft for MiniMag Mx2 For comfortable operation in a small space. With no visible openings, Invis Mx can be quickly detached and reconnected at any time via its magnet drive.

Assembled pieces of furniture invks be very quickly detached by reversing the rotating direction of the MiniMag Mx2. Powerfully joined workpieces The magnet-driven connector enables workpieces to be connected with up to kg of clamping force. Technical documentation and video.

Frame fixings, NO tool, NO hole, NO trace!

You make life easier: Invis Mx2 center-wall stud for mm thickness, 10 pcs. All without tools, without holes and without traces. The Invis Mx connectors and studs are quickly and easily screwed into prepared 12 mm drill holes using a cordless drill. You want to market the Reverse magnet products? Rasto drill ijvis Universal drill jig without measuring or marking.

Invis Mx2 connector 35 mm, 20 pcs. Our fasteners are used to change the mood of your living magbet, bedroom, hall, corridor with one click. Today, you no longer need to drill, screws, dowels to secure your frames and paintings.

Change decorated simply, quickly and as many times as you want in one click magnetic.

REVERSE MAGNET creator invisible fasteners without tools

Stimulate your creativity and fulfill your desires Deco: Once the attachment removed, you will notice that it has left no trace on your wall even if it is stuck to your wall for months or years. Our three objectives are: Tensile strength N Beech:.

Invis Mx2 insertion tool for studs 14mm Inbis to screw in the hammerhead perfectly vertically.

MiniMag Mx2 20 Invis Maget connector sets with 14 mm stud Rasto drill jig with 12 mm drill bit, depth invvis, bushing Screw bit Flexible shaft Insertion jig. Totally invisible, they agree with all styles of frames or tables they are design, modern, contemporary, art deco, etc … Give free rein to your imagination and your desires.

Invis Mx2 14 mm stud, 20 pcs. The MiniMag is then fixed to the cordless drill and rotated on the surface to close the connection with a clamping force of up to kg per connector. The technique can be summarized in two simple movements: MiniMag Mx2 Screw bit. Our three objectives are:. Do not damage your walls: Reverse Magnet is a French brand that specializes in the manufacture of hidden fasteners, which is inviis without tools hole and leaves no trace on your walls.

MiniMag Mx2 Kit in a cardboard box. Invis Mx is the unique connection that satisfies the highest demands for aesthetics, stability and productivity.

Invis Mx2 Starter Kit in a systainer. Invis Mx2 connector set with 14 mm stud, 20 pcs.

Change decorated simply, quickly and as many times as you want in one click magnetic 3. Invis Mx2 flexible shaft for MinMag Mx2, 1 pcs.