Sounds like a winner! I have just about given up now. After frantically using Google to find a new driver to install and digging around the Huawei site trying to find a replacement driver I was getting to the point of doing some modifications to the com. I need internet access on the go for work. I did that by running the unistall program but I’m not sure it has deleted everything. I am waiting to read from you soon please. They said clearly that you have to buy a new product.

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Harry Davies Harry Davies.

How to install Huawei E USB modem on Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard () – Super User

Thanks a ton Sam. Huawei Mobile Connect -3G modem left everything else as default finally checked ‘show modem status in menu snoq then apply I then went to the modem icon in the menubar and connected, It worked first time and is reliable.

I’ve read above the problem could be a kind of conflict caused by the 64 bit Anyone know where we huaawei get updated drivers for the mac? Sep 3, 7: Ignore dial tone when dialing Don’t attempt to launch any vendor software, in many cases it just gives a spinning beach ball of death, or at worst produces a kernel panic.

Setting up the O2 E160 mobile broadband dongle on Snow Leopard

When I start the Mobile Partner software Ask a question Reset. Thanks, solved leoppard problem I was having with my MacBook Air. It worked for me. I just installed the driver. Would it be better to reinstall the driver and setup manually?

Huawei Mac : Download Huawei Drivers For Mac OS X

None of the above works for me. How to get it f160g in preferences? Does anybody know if you have a mobile broadband dongle that is not SIM locked if you need anything like software when you insert a different SIM? I was wondering how to be sure I completly unistall the driver Hi does this work on Mac Aug 31, 6: I am waiting to read from you soon please.

Thanks so much for helping me. Not so much as a cd image appearing.

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: I setup a new network location. Sep 12, 3: It may not work for everyone but it does appear to work for some.

They said clearly that you have to buy a new product.

I guess it is their gimmick to get me to change to another package. Hope this helps, it might not work for everyone! Or is it a matter of just setting up the connection in the network Preferences? At the end of the install, the network preferences settings came up automatically and then I needed all your info from then hyawei.

Thanks for the useful article though, made the process nice and simple. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. However, I am not sure why when I try to use my Microsoft Outlook the modem is not strong enough to let me huaqei this email but if it was the internet sites it is fineā€¦ Thank you thank you thank you GBU.

Anow profile for user: I installed and unistalled the software thousends of times but with no good results.