Hankook Ventus V12 Evo K Where these tyres fall down and fall down badly is wear rate. These Hankooks started off well with low road noise and good grip in dry and wet conditions. With that in mind, I could not recommend these for a standard daily driver. We may come to the conclusion that the products you have ordered will not fit your described vehicle. Won’t be buying again – I’m trying to find something that will last me a little longer than the Kumhos – 25k would be good.

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No, I did not get 90, miles from these. However, the grip, particularly in the wet, has been deteriorating for the past several hundred miles.

The tyres seem vehtus be a hard material compared to the Michelins, and look to be a good wearing tyre. We may come to the conclusion that the products you have ordered will not fit your described vehicle.

In such cases we will request pictures showing the issues with fitment and will assess the revoew on a case by case basis. Not so good in the wet. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify that this information is correct prior to placing the order in order to qualify for Fitment Guarantee.

Optimised structure featuring a high-density nylon belt leads to even distribution of ground contact pressure during cornering. By no means terrible but hardly confidence inspiring but then if you are driving to conditions, they are not dangerous.

Good tyre, driven them sportly on the road and did some laps on the nurnburgring. Hankook Ventus V12 Evo K Ground contact pressure is evenly distributed for optimal handling and braking. The ride is smooth and comfortable, although a little too soft for my liking. I don’t feel they part standing water as effectively as other tyres in the price bracket. A new concept in ultra high performance tires that delivers superb hankook ventus v12 evo k110 review car and and braking.

Hankook Ventus V12 Evo (K110)

But I like to try different tyres so next tyre Will be Michelin pilot or vredestein ultrac satin. If you are the average driver, these tires will be fine. I simply have not found the limit of grip Always a good point in my book if you like to push it.

Home Tyre Hankook Ventus V12 evo2. Hankook ventus v12 evo k110 review car and are great handlers as far as I am concerned. The first set gave me around kms and so far the second set has done 20k kms and still going strong. Ca not the most comfortable tyres i have used.

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In other categories, the Hankook impresses less. I will continue to buy these.

I am driving my second set of Hankook Ventus Evo Tyres now. Handling is great in dry and in wet, light or heavy rain. Quality doesn’t always come with a high price.

If anyone is looking for the best value for money tires, than this should be high on the list. These tryes squeeled in turns, which is not something I’ve experienced in years, and is embarrasing. Suggest getting the free rotation service offered by Jax. Ask a question We will never publish or share your email address To verify you’re human please type the word you nankook above in the box below.

Hankook Ventus V12 evo2 – Tyre Reviews

But being low profile, these are all acceptable and forgivable considering the solid grip it offers. The directional tread of the evntus gives a sophisticated look and improves traction while preventing against hydroplaning. I agree to the use of cookies and tracking mechanisms which are used to analyse my activity on this website in order to improve my user hannkook. If you really push, obviously you can do it but when you do, it is always consistent.