This dongle together with Guardant Automatic protection provides a cost-effective approach for Win32 and. The mechanism of software protection and licensing in the network works as follows: Guardant Stealth II is a mainstream dongle with basic functionality. The high efficiency of modern network dongles allows you to create efficient protection and control a large number of licenses. Stealth II allows developer to protect local Win32 or. You can implement licensing based on the number of running instances of the application, or on the number of workstations. Tools for protection of Java applications.

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Hardware platform bit Cortex-M3 microcontroller.

Guardant stealth net ii is also a network edition dongle called Guardant Net II. Hardware platform bit Guagdant microcontroller. There is bytes of non-volatile memory to store cryptographic keys, to which protected applications are bond. May provide dual licensing: Supports symmetric encryption and powerful automatic protection tools.

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Requires no change in protected software and works seamlessly. Network dongles allow guardant stealth net ii to create floating licenses, in which case a user does not have to carry a local dongle to run the protected application: When selling licenses to organizations, a guaddant often needs to control the number of licenses in use.

NET applications so that the only computer where the dongle is plugged will run the protected application for this dongle.

Online Order Where to Buy Terms. Network protection is based on principles common for all dongles, that is, on using all the Auto Protection and Guardant API features to protect a network application. Supports all features of Guardant Sign Net, and in addition, contains a real-time clock and an independent power supply. The efficiency of protection is ensured by the use of the Guardant stealth net ii hardware encryption algorithm. Guardant Stealth II is a dongle guardant stealth net ii basic features.

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Guardant Network Dongles provides: Guardant Net II is a dongle with the basic features for the protection of network software on Windows. Data protection in the network protocol is hardware-based, i. Online Order Where to Guardant stealth net ii Terms. Buardant is possible to upgrade dongle memory remotely in a secure way to change the license capacity of a dongle or the time limit for guardant stealth net ii time based license. The mechanism of software protection and licensing in the network works as follows:.

Tools for protection of Java applications. Stealth II allows developer to guardant stealth net ii local Win32 or.

Guardant Net II is a dongle with the basic features for the protection of network software on Windows.

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In today’s network dongles the traffic between the application and the dongle is encrypted, so that the server does not introduce additional vulnerabilities — it is just a transport broker.

Functioning of devices stezlth a network is ensured through use of a high-performance guardant stealth net ii dongle server. Pseudo-code and obfuscation of protection components.

The mechanism of software yuardant guardant stealth net ii licensing in the network works as follows: Basic dongle with unique ID and of user memory. A special broker application, Guardant network license manager, is installed on a dedicated server or workstation; A dongle is installed on the same server or network station; The application is protected using either Auto Protection or Guardant API; License Manager and the dongle will strictly control the number of connections according to the licenses set up by the developer.

Protection systems built upon use of local dongles guardant stealth net ii easily altered to work with network dongles.

A miniature form-factor of a Stealth II dongle. The dongle is built on a high-speed bit RISC processor.

Has a LED light with diagnostic purposes. Working in HID mode without additional drivers. The solution is easy to deploy and easy to operate for end users.