Yes, unless the client’s whole system crashes. Non-activation-capable daemon Problem when vendor path name has spaces Flexlm error , Does FLEXlm handle dates in the year and beyond? It’s on our ftp server. To ensure success with FLEXlm across domains, do the following: Will the Server run on Windows 95? FLEXlm network traffic should be minimized.

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FLEXlm network traffic should be minimized.


The solution here is to turn off DNS. If you’ve received 2 versions of a product from the windoss vendor, you must use the latest vendor daemon they sent you. If a license is bound to the ethernet id, the license cannot be used anymore, until the network cable is plugged in again.

Is my old license file still valid? The license file information is sent via the network, and can place a heavy load.

FLEXnet License Manager

You may receive one of the following error messages: Does FLEXlm work with subnets, fully-qualified names, multiple domains, etc.? Do I have to worry about how these versions work together?

In these situations, the vendor will have to relink, or recompile with v5 FLEXlm. However, starting the license manager via the command line does work. Do I have to combine them? If you are starting lmgrd from a boot script, we recommend that you use su username -c”umask ; lmgrd Skip to main content.

Installing and Configuring Flexlm on Windows

It’s on our ftp server. If you’ve combined license files from 2 vendors, you must use the latest version of lmgrd.

Does FLEXlm require root permissions? No flexm device Ubuntu If all components application, lmgrd and vendor daemon are v6. If lmgrd must be started from the root user for example, in a system boot scriptwe recommend that you use the ‘su’ command to run lmgrd as a non-privileged user:.

However there are different versions in use and if the versions are different they may not be compatible. If you’re not combining wiindows files from different vendors, the simplest thing to do is make sure you use the tools especially lmgrd that are shipped by each vendor. If you are starting lmgrd from a boot script, we recommend that you use.

Make sure ALL client nodes, as well as the server node, are able to ‘telnet’ to that fully-qualified hostname. Please ignore letters appended to FLEXlm versions, i. Yes, although this behavior was improved in v3.

A fully-qualified hostname is of the form: What PC Platforms are supported? However, your old applications pre-FLEXlm v3.

I have products from several companies at various FLEXlm version levels. We tracked this down to the fact that after editing the license file license.


No, but partly this depends on the application, and end-user’s use. If the whole system crashes, then the license is not freed, and you should use ‘lmremove’ to free the license. It blocks access to the network card, thus preventing FLEXlm to obtain the ethernet id.

Aindows received a new license file, and the format is different from the old one I had from the same vendor? There are two items, however, which can send considerably more data and should be avoided or used sparingly:. What can we do to improve performance?