Poundland, UK Date purchased: Number of discs 2. Comments posted by zdfreak from United States, May 01, PC reliability is Poor. Does not work on Apex AD Damrochtech still sells this media as “Photo printable”, which is an exaggeration. Average media at best.

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Comments posted by Gary from United States, November 11, Comments posted by Piwmania from Belgium, July 26, Works fine on Avayon DXP Burned with DVDDecrytper 3. Do you have any questions regarding your driver installation?

DigitalMax DRW-5S163 DVD Writer

Did not play reliably on Sony when burned at 16x. Does not work on LG DR Media text is verbatim – 16x certified.

Good quality media shoul be burnt as close to it’s rated speed as possible. PC reliability is Poor.

Media made in India. Comments posted by Konstantin from Russian Federation, July 16, Media text is verbatim 4. Media color is Silver.

Sony DVD-RW SONYU9 1x DVD Media – VideoHelp

DVD reliability is Poor. Media text is Verbatim 16x. Go to Bulgaria for your verbatim needs xD Additional information: Read comments views Post comment. Exact search Read here how to get the Media code. No comments Additional information: Does not work on Pioneer DVR Burned at 4x by default -though managed a 1 hour 50 min vid in under 20 mins which dvvd faster to me.

DigitalMax DRW-5S DVD Writer – VideoHelp

Number of discs 5. Apparenly anything made in Taiwan is not worth the plastic its printed on.

Media color is Gold. Comments posted by jayrih from United States, June 07, Leave empty to search for all Media.

Manual Configuration or Automatic Update. A reliable alternative when Verbatim or Taiyo Yudens are not on sale.

4KUS DRW-5S163 DVD-RW CD/DVD Drivers

DVD reliability is Good. Comments posted by Brett from United States, February 20, Media text is Sony. Comments posted by diver15 from United Kingdom, September 08, Not sure about higher speed burns, I always slow mine down.

Have yet to have any problems with them Comments posted by Jason from United States, April 01,