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Article 1. Sovereignty of the people
Article 6. Devolution and access to services
Article 62. Public land
Article 63. Community land
Article 67. National Land Commission
Article 82. Legislation on elections
Article 85. Eligibility to stand as an independent candidate
Article 88. Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission
Article 90. Allocation of party list seats
Article 94. Role of Parliament
Article 96. Role of the Senate
Article 97. Membership of the National Assembly
Article 98. Membership of the Senate
Article 99. Qualifications and disqualifications for election as member of Parliament
Article 109. Exercise of legislative powers
Article 110. Bills concerning county government
Article 111. Special Bills concerning county governments
Article 114. Money Bills
Article 123. Decisions of Senate
Article 163. Supreme Court
Article 165. High Court
Article 175. Principles of devolved government
Article 176. County governments
Article 177. Membership of county assembly
Article 178. Speaker of a county assembly
Article 179. County executive committees
Article 180. Election of county governor and deputy county governor
Article 181. Removal of a county governor
Article 182. Vacancy in the office of county governor
Article 183. Functions of county executive committees
Article 185. Legislative authority of county assemblies
Article 186. Respective functions and powers of national and county governments
Article 188. Boundaries of counties
Article 189. Cooperation between national and county governments
Article 190. Support for county governments
Article 191. Conflict of laws
Article 192. Suspension of a county government
Article 193. Qualifications for election as member of county assembly
Article 194. Vacation of office of member of county assembly
Article 195. County assembly power to summon witnesses
Article 196. Public participation and county assembly powers, privileges and immunities
Article 197. County assembly gender balance and diversity
Article 198. County government during transition
Article 199. Publication of county legislation
Article 200. Legislation on Chapter
Article 201. Principles of public finance
Article 202. Equitable sharing of national revenue
Article 203. Equitable share and other financial laws
Article 204. Equalisation Fund
Article 205. Consultation on financial legislation affecting counties
Article 207. Revenue Funds for county governments
Article 209. Power to impose taxes and charges
Article 212. Borrowing by counties
Article 216. Functions of the Commission on Revenue Allocation
Article 217. Division of revenue
Article 218. Annual Division and Allocation of Revenue Bills
Article 219. Transfer of equitable share
Article 220. Form, content and timing of budgets
Article 224. County appropriation Bills
Article 225. Financial control
Article 226. Accounts and audit of public entities
Article 228. Controller of Budget
Article 229. Auditor-General
Article 230. Salaries and Remuneration Commission
Article 233. The Public Service Commission
Article 234. Functions and powers of the Public Service Commission
Article 235. Staffing of county governments
Article 257. Amendment by popular initiative
Article 260. Interpretation
Fourth Schedule - National Government
Fourth Schedule - County Governments
Sixth Schedule - General
Sixth Schedule - National government
Sixth Schedule - Devolved Government
Fifth Schedule - Legislation to be enacted by Parliament

Table of Contents