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Chapter Nine
Part 2 - The President and Deputy President
131. Authority of the President
132. Functions of the President
133. Power of mercy
134. Exercise of presidential powers during temporary incumbency
135. Decisions of the President
136. Election of the President
137. Qualifications and disqualifications for election as President
138. Procedure at presidential election
139. Death before assuming office
140. Questions as to validity of presidential election
141. Assumption of office of President
142. Term of office of President
143. Protection from legal proceedings
144. Removal of President on grounds of incapacity
145. Removal of President by impeachment
146. Vacancy in the office of President
147. Functions of the Deputy President
148. Election and swearing in of Deputy President
149. Vacancy in the office of Deputy President
150. Removal of Deputy President
151. Remuneration and benefits of President and Deputy President

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