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Conduct of State officers
Chapter Six - Leadership and Integrity
Article 75. Conduct of State officers

 (1) A State officer shall behave, whether in public and official life, in private life, or in association with other persons, in a manner that avoids--
     (a)    any conflict between personal interests and public or official duties;
     (b)    compromising any public or official interest in favour of a personal interest; or
     (c)    demeaning the office the officer holds.
(2)  A person who contravenes clause (1), or Article 76, 77 or 78 (2)--
     (a)    shall be subject to the applicable disciplinary procedure for the relevant office; and
     (b)    may, in accordance with the disciplinary procedure referred to in paragraph (a), be dismissed or otherwise removed from office.
(3)  A person who has been dismissed or otherwise removed from office for a contravention of the provisions specified in clause (2) is disqualified from holding any other State office.

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