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Legislation on land
Chapter Five - Land and Environment
Article 68. Legislation on land

Parliament shall--
      (a)  revise, consolidate and rationalise existing land laws;
      (b)  revise sectoral land use laws in accordance with the principles set out in Article 60 (1); and
      (c)  enact legislation--
               (i) to prescribe minimum and maximum land holding acreages in respect of private land;
              (ii) to regulate the manner in which any land may be converted from one category to another;
             (iii) to regulate the recognition and protection of matrimonial property and in particular the matrimonial home during and on the termination of marriage;
             (iv) to protect, conserve and provide access to all public land;
             (v)  to enable the review of all grants or dispositions of public land to establish their propriety or legality;
             (vi) to protect the dependants of deceased persons holding interests in any land, including the interests of spouses in actual occupation of land; and
            (vii) to provide for any other matter necessary to give effect to the provisions of this Chapter.

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