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Labour relations
Chapter Four - The Bill of Rights
Article 41. Labour relations

(1) Every person has the right to fair labour practices.
(2) Every worker has the right--
    (a)   to fair remuneration;
    (b)   to reasonable working conditions;
    (c)   to form, join or participate in the activities and programmes of a trade union; and
    (d)   to go on strike.
(3) Every employer has the right--
    (e)   to form and join an employers organisation; and
    (f)   to participate in the activities and programmes of an employers organisation.
(4) Every trade union and every employers’ organisation has the right--
    (a)    to determine its own administration, programmes and activities;
    (b)    to organise; and
    (c)    to form and join a federation.   
(5) Every trade union, employers’ organisation and employer has the right to engage in collective bargaining.

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