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National security organs
Chapter Fourteen - National Security
Article 239. National security organs

 (1) The national security organs are--
     (a)   the Kenya Defence Forces;
     (b)   the National Intelligence Service; and
     (c)   the National Police Service.
(2) The primary object of the national security organs and security system is to promote and guarantee national security in accordance with the principles mentioned in Article 238 (2).
(3)  In performing their functions and exercising their powers, the national security organs and every member of the national security organs shall not--
     (a)   act in a partisan manner;
     (b)   further any interest of a political party or cause; or
     (c)   prejudice a political interest or political cause that is legitimate under this Constitution.
(4)  A person shall not establish a military, paramilitary, or similar organisation that purports to promote and guarantee national security, except as provided for by this Constitution or an Act of Parliament.
(5)  The national security organs are subordinate to civilian authority.
(6)  Parliament shall enact legislation to provide for the functions, organisation and administration of the national security organs.

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