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Form, content and timing of budgets
Chapter Twelve - Public Finance
Article 220. Form, content and timing of budgets

(1) Budgets of the national and county governments shall contain--
    (a)   estimates of revenue and expenditure, differentiating between recurrent and development expenditure;
    (b)   proposals for financing any anticipated deficit for the period to which they apply; and
    (c)   proposals regarding borrowing and other forms of public liability that will increase public debt during the following year.
(2) National legislation shall prescribe--
    (a)   the structure of the development plans and budgets of counties;
    (b)   when the plans and budgets of the counties shall be tabled in the county assemblies; and
    (c)   the form and manner of consultation between the national government and county governments in the process of preparing plans and budgets.

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