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Bills concerning county government
Chapter Eight - The Legislature
Article 110. Bills concerning county government

(1) In this Constitution, “a Bill concerning county government” means--
    (a)   a Bill containing provisions affecting the functions and powers of the county governments set out in the Fourth Schedule;
    (b)   a Bill relating to the election of members of a county  assembly or a county executive; and
    (c)   a Bill referred to in Chapter Twelve affecting the finances of county governments.
(2) A Bill concerning county governments is--
    (a)     a special Bill, which shall be considered under Article 111, if it--
               (i)      relates to the election of members of a county assembly or a county executive; or
              (ii)      is the annual County Allocation of Revenue Bill referred to in Article 218; or
    (b) an ordinary Bill, which shall be considered under Article 112, in any other case.
(3) Before either House considers a Bill, the Speakers of the National Assembly and Senate shall jointly resolve any  question as to whether it is a Bill concerning counties and, if it is, whether it is a special or an ordinary Bill.
(4) When any Bill concerning county government has been passed by one House of Parliament, the Speaker of that House shall refer it to the Speaker of the other House.
(5) If both Houses pass the Bill in the same form, the Speaker of the House in which the Bill originated shall, within seven days, refer the Bill to the President for assent.

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