This simply makes it the best value modular cleaning rod, period. A clever solution is presented here by Borka Tools. However, Borka PTL, which limits torque in CW and CCW rotations, may be used to loosen fasteners without negative consequences, but only if fasteners were originally tightened with the same PTL 1 , and if fasteners are not seized due to various factors 2 , which may take place over extended periods of time. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Otherwise, just use included ratchet drive handle to loosen the fasteners.

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This simply makes it the best torqhe modular cleaning rod, period. All PTLs incorporate an adjustment set screw, which makes it technically possible to pre-set PTL exactly to the desired limiting torque value and to re-calibrate torque limiter, if necessary.

Even with the fact that the action screws and ring cross mount bolts share the same torque setting, typically inch pounds, to allow for sharing a single wrench for both of those settings, it is also nice to have a good torque wrench for use on the ring caps to insure the scope is firmly in place and properly torqued in the rings.

Dimensional tolerances and excellent quality of surface finish are consistent from one rod section otols the other. See FAQ Otherwise, just use included ratchet drive handle to loosen the fasteners. In order to achieve this high level of torque limiting accuracy, ATD user is fully expected to follow instructions, provided by Borka Tools.

Relative value comparison is the reason for our decision to offer standard PTL based kits with either 1 or 2 torque limiters only. ATD was intentionally designed to resist certain amount of abuse, which is sometimes unavoidable in the field, particularly in comparison to some torque tools, which are designed, as a rule, for indoors use only.

Email a list of desired accessories for a complete kit price and shipping quote. These buttons work for the U. As an option, you can pack any tool components from TCK into your own tool bag or case for use outdoors, as needed, and utilize TCK zippered pouch for other borkx applications.

Borka Tools Multi Torque Driver Kit

As an example, price of kit with 3 PTLs is comparable to the price of ATD-TCK, which includes better variety of accessories and provides a lot wider range of available torque settings. We highly recommend to watch ATD toools videos from Tactical and Learning Firearmsposted on our website home page and available from Youtube. I’ve tried to find an alternative, but nothing came close after weeks of search. Instead, contact us by e-mail for a quote and payment options. Boris Teper, Borka Tools Owner A personal note about Pro-Shot modular cleaning rod – as far as I’m concerned, and in addition to what I was told by my customers, who’ve purchased and used this product, this is the probably the best quality modular cleaning rod made in the U.

The tool is handy and toruqe compact and light for easy storage, especially in a deployment bag torwue ruck.

This choice of materials ensures sufficent degree of corrosion protection when torque driver is used outdoors. Please solve the “You are not a bot” exercise: It is calibrated in CW rotation and is not user adjustable to other torque values. According to our supplier, TCK pouch, having outside dimensions of 7.

Borka Tools Multi Torque Driver – Sniper Central

Most of our time doing write-ups and reviews here at Sniper Central is spent with the big three, Rifles, Optics and Ammo. The available settings are ones that are most common for tactical rifle use and they have even included a nice T. What Borka did was troque a small and toeque tool that has the ability to do multiple torque settings but yet is small and light weight.

The tool itself is made here in the USA.

EFK accessories are not offered for sale as separate items. In additon, being only as long as it is necessary makes modular cleaning rod a lot more mechanically rigid, which is very important for the barrel bore cleaning and for removal of the stuck fired cartridge case.

Standard TCK configuration as shown above. However, you can add any of them to EFK configurations, listed above.

Kit outside dimensions are 6. Bit is torqe from S2 steel and hardened to HRc Never use ATD to loosen fasteners, which were secured with thread locking compounds.

Use PTL as a hand driven tool only.

The problem has always been the physical size and weight of a properly calibrated T-Handle torque wrench, especially when more than one might be needed. The available torque settings are 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 36, 43, 50, 57, 65, and 72 inch-lbs.