This feature gives you vocal POST messages and alerts to inform you of system events and boot status. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Unique Asus Features 1. This protection eliminates the need to buy a replacement ROM chip. The value of this item is auto-detected by BIOS. Use this program if you wish to change the default vocal POST messages. First, although the pin ATX connector is in our preferred upper right position, the 4-pin 12 volt connector is to the left of the CPU socket and near the midline of the board.

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Jumpers You do not need to clear the RTC when the system hangs due to overclocking. Confirm the password when prompted. The contents of the support CD are subject to change at any time without notice. This operation will split the data from the source disk into all the selected disks.

Follow the installation wizard to install the SoundMAX Audio Driver and Application from the support CD that came with the motherboard package to activate the 6-channel audio feature. If the instructions in this section do not match the CPU documentation, follow the latter.

Detailed descriptions of the BIOS p4s8000d-e are also provided. Chapter 5 This chapter describes the contents of the support CD that comes with the motherboard package.

P4SD-E Deluxe | ASUS USA

We generally prefer a location above the slots for the audio connectors — it makes it easier to route audio cables. The plugs from the power supply are designed to fit these connectors in ;4s800d-e one orientation.

Split data Boot from Locate and select your wave file for the event then click on the arrow opposite Voice1.

The following dialog box appears. Select [OK] to discard any changes and load the previously saved values. Performance According to the preliminary tests this is the fastest board among two.

All available disks except the first selected disk. The bus frequency external frequency multiplied by the bus multiple equals the CPU speed.

Asus P4S800D User Manual: Install The Serial Ata (sata) Hard Disks

If you made changes to fields other than system date, system time, and password, the BIOS asks for a confirmation before exiting. Optional documentation Your product package may include optional documentation, such as warranty flyers, that may have been added by your dealer. Click Test to test your desired settings. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

Page 62 Changing the default language 1. BioShock Infinite and Metro: Bios Menu Screen [1.

ASUS P4SD Deluxe (SiSFX) Mainboard

Split data Boot from IDE: Doing so will damage the motherboard! The System Panel connector is color-coded for easy and foolproof connection.

Once the array has been created, you will need to partition and initialize your hard disk using the FDISK utility and format the array as a new single hard drive. These items specify the boot device priority sequence from the available devices.

P4SD-E Keyed for 1. Product warranty or service will not be extended if: Page 17 USB 2.

Align and snap the four hooks of the retention p4z800d-e to the holes asis each corner of the module base. Insert a floppy disk that contains the original or the latest BIOS file for this motherboard. The BIOS features listed above are available in this firmware version, nonstandard functions weren’t tested. Instant Music does not work if you installed and enabled an add-on sound card. Sis Raid Configurations This RAID system stores the same data redundantly on multiple drives by combining the drives into one larger logical drive.