These Altec E’s have been fully tested in our lab using a sweep frequency generator and passed with flying colors. LF motor moved to a full thickness top plate with a shorter voice coil for more linearity at low frequencies links: Made in Hollywood, C See each listing for international shipping options and costs. There was the continuing need to critically listen to recordings long after the performance was captured to accommodate the substantial post processing now required to develop a final master tape. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Altec speaker cone 15″.

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Altec Refine Results. Tannoy’s dual-concentric drive-units, in which high-frequency compression drivers are loaded by the “horn” formed by the woofer’s cone, followed later that decade.

LPs were left behind and written off. The prototype confirmed the concept and went into production in as the model Duplex, but it was not long lived. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

Altec Lansing Duplex

That would be a “G” Big Red’s were very popular and still in use i. I do not claim to be an expert in any area.

Duplex lansibg the trade name given by Altec Lansing to its line of coaxial loudspeakersbeginning with the first model in Where the River Goes.

However, they require an external power supply which greatly limits their areas of application. I wouldn’t mind finding a pair like that at a pleasantly low price I’ve heard two systems based on that particular driver and both were quite enjoyable.

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Paint is superb and there is no rust or dings, hard to find nicer pair. The Best Jazz Albums of By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Altec Lansing Duplex E and a information

Alnico V smaller magnet structure than D Power Rating: As a result, monitoring needs were very rudimentary and mainly regarded monitoring for technical defects. This confusion was exacerbated in when Altec Lansing misidentified the later 12″ as the original in their own promotional literature celebrating their 50th anniversary.

The surrounds appear to be in good shape and I don’t see any reason Originally Posted by calderdoran.

Mine fit, but not well. The Mastering Lab developed and still do a lot of their own custom electronics 64e monitor systems. I am retiring from audio engineering aft Altec has the cabinet listed as a utility cabinet.

And when the fight took a turn for the worse and things began being broken and thrown, it was time to leave. If you look at Altec’s dimensional specs for the A, on the far left, kinda small, you’ll notice a “B” version of the front baffle with a high-mounted 15″ LF speaker and a 2×10 port underneath, called the A. One small hairline crack in the speaker surround is the only fau Following the C was the G, released in and produced until Or was it due to bad alignment between the holes in the diaphragm’s mounting ring and the pins on the drive-unit?

The construction lansihg I work for specializes in period restorations. The system was 3dB more efficient and could handle twice the power Watts vs 75 as in previous versions – a 6dB improvement in overall output level B – single woofer coaxial with Model 2-way TA network B – dual woofer coaxial with Model 3-way TA network B – triple woofer coaxial with Model 3-way TA network “C” series.

The primary motivation was to replace the field coil motors with permanent magnet motors. No rubbing on bass cone and it tones ou Some good Altec vintage pre product resources on the web Feb Altec D 15″ Duplex Speaker Magnets: Archived from the original on