The key heads only wobble a little bit. It is a user-friendly notebook regarding these aspects. Furthermore, there is hardly any clattering during typing, so, the keyboard is relatively quiet. This WXGA panel has a resolution typical for this notebook category, i. They make a comfortable writing possible. Performance Comparison of Maxon’s Cinebench R

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Temperature The Acer Extensa proves to be user-friendly regarding surface temperature at the top and at the bottom side. The illumination of To summarize, the temperature increases in general only a little bit.

Acer’s empowering technology tools might be helpful, but, they demand too much RAM under Windows. But, the 4-way scroll button enables to quickly browse through big documents.

The other parts including the palm rest areas get only hand-hot, even if you work throughout a longer period of time. At the front side there are two slide switchesone for controlling Bluetooth, the other one for controlling Wireless LAN. Although we actually turned this notebook upside-down, the case extenza to be stable and such handling is really safe. In mains operation the Extensa has a high maximum brightness of If you demand more, there is also a 8 cells battery available.

Acer Extensa 5220 500gb 2.5″ SATA Notebook Hard Disk Drive

Furthermore, many picture, multimedia, music conversion, and video applications profit from two cores. Acer homepage Acer notebook section.

Bevelled parts, contribute to the nice look of this office notebook, everything appears to be homogeneous. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Nonetheless, the performance of the Extensa is sufficient for e-mail, spreadsheets, 2520 processing, or browsing the Internet.

Download Drivers for notebook Acer Extensa F6 Intel SATA HDD Driver Floppy Utility

The Acer Extensa is above-average regarding noise and temperature emissions. This WXGA panel has a resolution typical for this notebook aver, i. Colour Diagram Mains Operation.

Under full load the energy demand of the Extensa is also moderate, in more detail is is The price of the reviewed notebook was Euro at the time sara review took place. At the time of writing the later ones are only provided by notebooks which cost more.

Simple picture editing and multimedia applications are also no problem for the Extensa Of course also the Acer Extensa with single core Intel Celeron M CPU can handle these tasks, but, not as fast as the newest dual core processors systems.

The slightly convex keyboard consists of 89 keys with a size of 1. The used plastics seem to be of high-quality.

Review Acer Extensa 5220-100508 (LX.E8706.016)

The surface structure of the touch pad has a good grip and feels nice to the touch. The silver-chrome moulding does not look nice and the three indicator LEDs do not really match there. The clicking noise of the touch pad buttons is rather loud.

The key travel is short and the feedback user-friendly. A dark-grey finish dominates the appearance of the Extensa ‘s top trough, which exrensa made of plastics. This is especially true, if more than one applications is run at the same time.

Although basses are hardly audible the sound of the middle tones is quite alright, if the volume is low. Wireless communication is possible via Wireless LAN The fan of the Extensa is decent for this notebook category and it emits a low-frequency noise. If you do not want to upgrade the RAM capacity immediately, you should at least reduce the number of memory resident programs.

The runtime during the Classic testthat is under higher load, was about 70 minutes. Saa, the X is definitely not sufficient for demanding 3D applications or current computer games.