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This website is the brain child of Joe Njeru, a new media consultant from Zilojo Ltd..

During debate with friends and colleagues on the Proposed Constitution of Kenya, Joe wished he could be able to refer to certain articles of the Proposed Constitution of Kenya.

However, this was difficult as the only copy he had was a pdf document on his laptop.

Convinced that there were others with the same problem, he decided to build a mobile version of the document so he could easily refer to the document whenever and wherever.

"It took me several sleepless nights to convert the document into xHTML-MP(The Programming Language for Mobile Websites) using a custom content management system (that I first had to develop).

This resource is for all Kenyans' to read and refer to; as we herald a remarkable period in our history. Kenya, my small gift to you :-)" - Joe Njeru on 10th May 2010.

If you'd like to contact the developer please send an email to info(at)katiba.mobi

Read the Proposed Constitution on your mobile phone in English and Kiswahili at http://katiba.mobi

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