The aim being able to control the 01V96 on stage with a laptop at FOH. Initial sync was slow, screen updates were not instantaneous and the meters lagged a bit. Basically, the problem with Insight is that to be effective, you really want it running all the time, and all the time it’s only available as a plugin, this can’t happen. Not really good enough though, as it promptly goes away when you edit a clip Thanks all for the education!

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Using the 01V96 Midi to an Echo Audiofire firewire interface takes about one minute, 45 seconds to sync. I already did what you suggested, and plugged it on the master.

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This happened several times, at two different gigs. All the Midi choices ussb, but only marginally fast enough, and without Sends on Faders. With my laptop and a standard, 6′ USB cable, sync takes about ten seconds.

VST Metering plugins, such as iZotope Insight seem to be neither 0v196 nor is there a way to permanently dock them or let the windows for them permanently open during mixing. Andrew Broughton wrote on Thu, 12 February February 12, Basically, the problem with Insight is that to be effective, you really want it running all the time, and all the time it’s only available as mkdi plugin, this can’t happen.

Hopefully Adobe will enhance Audition again. Hi Y’all, Since my last post I have tried several types of connections between a laptop and 01V Thanks all for the education! You can not post a blank message.

01V96, USB and MIDI control

Thanks for the quick answer Steve, I even searched for some sort of on-the-fly emulation, but no go. Currently I’m using Cubase, since it does fully support my 01v96i. Yes, it would have been better if the sizing control had been linked to the window opening, but apparently you can’t 01vv96 them all I believe they are just too slow and kludgy.

I’ve tried with the existing settings, but it seems to be impossible to establish a communication between the device and Audition. Since a few years ago, I’ve always used audition for mixing and mastering my records.

Possibly the Icron USB 2. Please login or register. Since I have a second laptop, I’ll likely be doing this. It must be possible though – the remote mixer control app works fine over USB, but whatever protocol that uses isn’t supported at all.

Again, meter and fader movement is fast. Please type your message and try again. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Using another interface worked fine. Obviously the timing needs to be correct otherwise MIDI falls down.

Usb Midi Driver – Yamaha 01V96 Installation Manual [Page 17]

I think Audition is lacking the necessary protocols? But today is not that day.

I can use Midi and the E-Mu interface without Sends on Faders and it works fine, over a ‘ snake. If anyone has any evidence otherwise, I’m all ears. It worked ok, all messages appeared to get through going both ways.

Firmware and Software

Hi Andy and all, I used my Midi-over-the-snake setup at a gig last night. Fader and meter movements lag noticably. Anybody with questions on my different setups, let me know. Much of this is really an iZotope issue as far as Insight is concerned, and it’s been ysb with them directly, so they’re aware of it.